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There are over 60 stories on the CD.
There are 3 types

  • Story file:
    mini stories written by young people together with sequencing activities and worksheets

  • Fun with tenses:
    stories focusing on a particular tenses
    For younger learners there are some stories about Eek-eek-eek the mouse and his friends
    For older learners there are some stories about a group of young people (Milly, Billy, Maisy and Bob)

  • True Stories:
    these are short half page stories about significant people, together with questions, a blank filling exercise and some definition work

To see an example of Story File CLICK HERE
To see an example of Fun with Tenses CLICK HERE
To see an example of True Stories CLICK HERE


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Many thanks for your fantastic CD of EAL materials – we are finding it a godsend!  I really think you should give it more publicity – no self-respecting EMAS or EAL dept should be without one!
Kindest regards    Anna

Dear Gordon,
I teach ESL Adult African & Vietnamese.
I have found your Question Tracks a very valuable teaching tool. Many thanks,
Melbourne, Australia.





Basic information:
Racing to English developer and director:
Gordon Ward, 9 Shepherd’s Wood Drive, Nottingham, NG8 3NA

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