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The CD contains more than 50 photosets, with more than 650 photos!

The sets include:

  • actions
  • animals
  • body
  • face
  • fruit & veg
  • classroom objects
  • clothes
  • café
  • house (types/rooms/furniture)
  • money
  • occupations
  • park
  • people
  • prepositions
  • seasons
  • street
  • supermarket
  • tools
  • vehicles & weather

Each set has photo & word cards, suggested activities,
a worksheet and a picture dictionary page


To see an example of a photoset (fruit) CLICK HERE
To see an example of a basic photoset (people) CLICK HERE


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I am enjoying the new photosets. I was showing my Schools Inclusion boss some samples of the work I have been using with children and said how good it was.
I asked to be allowed to recommend it to LSAs who are crying out for materials. I hope to have a few orders for you soon as long as my line manager gives me the go ahead.    Annette








Basic information:
Racing to English developer and director:
Gordon Ward, 9 Shepherd’s Wood Drive, Nottingham, NG8 3NA

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