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Within the UK the current price of the CD is
£45 + £5 postage and packing

This price include permission to download the activities to any number of computers within the owner's school/college.

To order the CD within the UK, either complete the order form on the next page or email and let me know your full address (including postcode) and I’ll send you a CD together with an invoice.

If you live outside the UK email to learn about costs/terms.

The resources on the CD have been used by over 1000 teachers, particularly teachers of English as an additional language.
To read some feedback from them Click Here

Racing to English has been developed by Gordon Ward
Gordon has been involved in English as an additional language and the achievement of minority ethnic pupils for 40 years. Until he retired, he was service manager of the Ethnic Minority Services, Nottingham City Children's Services. He is now an independent EAL trainer/consultant.

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The children love the question & statement sheets with substitution tables. I ask them questions & then when they are confident they ask some for me to answer.
The photos are great and the children need to refer to these often throughout the activities to reinforce their learning. It is amazing how many children did not know what a turkey looked like!  Best

Wishes Annette







Basic information:
Racing to English developer and director:
Gordon Ward, 9 Shepherd’s Wood Drive, Nottingham, NG8 3NA

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